The 3 Step Method to Get A Date Online

3 step methodHow To Get A Date Online

Hey there,
Name’s Cami, writing to you from Hervey Bay, a place full of adult singles. If you are looking for romance with no strings attached, then you have to know how to hook up. I’ll help you find a match though, don’t worry. I’m writing this guide to help those of you out there in the online dating world who have just got a bit stuck in their discussions with ladies – the people who are struggling to seal the deal, as they say in business. You know, it’s a fact of life that some people are just know how to sound convincing, both in speaking and writing. Even if you know what they are saying is not true, just reading or hearing how they say something makes you think it is true. It’s the classical Greek art of rhetoric, and in politics we see it every single day.

Well, like all of us I bet you need a bit of rhetoric in your life to get some of those adult singles. I can tell you it really helped my online dating experiences. I’ve always been someone who get’s what they want, no matter how, especially with no strings attached. As I was beginning to meet ladies online, I was asking them out within the first 5 minutes of our conversation, just like that. I’ve come to realize that I did not have any rhetorical skill in my chats. This basically means I did not know how to go about asking the same things in a different way. I’m going to share with you my methods, in the interest of helping you break through the conversational wall and get to know those people that really excite you. It’s proving pretty popular for Aussies to use online dating these days via Aussie Dating Web Sites so why not start exploring?

Looking For Romance

Ladies in real life are usually pretty shy, especially the petite pretty ones. You bet they are the same on the internet. So it’s on you to make the introductions. Now, this is not easy, and should not be taken lightly, because it’s a first impression, and these have a huge long-term impact on how she perceives you. There’s a lot of sites out there with great tips for you Best Online Reviews to help you know which site is best for you.

I used to just say “hey” to people in the message board, expecting them to get right back to me. Well I think only a few of the 30 or so messages like this have actually lead to conversations. My trick is to write about 2 or 3 sentences of introduction, giving my name, how I happened her profile, and how nice it would be to get to know each other. I’ll sometimes ask a specific question about one of her hobbies, but usually not. It can come across as a bit too much in one mouthful.

No Strings Attached

Once she responds to your introduction, try and open her up a little bit. To do this, you need to open up a bit of yourself first. Maybe make some comment about where you’re at in your day, or what your plan to do in the evening. This creates dialogue, and content for her to respond too. The worst thing, from a rhetorical point of view, is to say “I’m not doing anything”, or “I’ve got no plans”. Always come across as interesting – or at least quirky. No one is going to be convinced that your worth getting to know if all you do is sit at your computer all day.

This is the important second impression stage, where coming across as calm and collected is most important. It’s also the most exciting stage, because you will get to know someone else. Feel free to ask any casual questions about her that come to mind – the more curiosity the better. Just talking about her looks is not good enough, nor is talking about how interesting she sounds. It’s on you to ask the questions that bring her best qualities out. She will not be impressed if you are not curious. This goes for men and women – show curiosity in a potential date, not expectation.

Find A Match

Here’s a list of things to ask about on second impression, to make sure you find a match: her hobbies; her job; if she has any pets; whether she follows sports or politics (only if you also follow sports or politics!); goals for the future; etc etc etc.

On the flip side, here’s a list of things not to ask: her relationship status; whether she likes drinking; if she wants to meet up; where she lives; etc etc etc. It’s about looking for romance with adult singles with no strings attached, so don’t get serious.

Once you navigate this second impression stage with ease, then discussing a potential date is a good idea! It’s always on you to instigate, unless she takes the lead early on. If she does, then roll with it, because it shows respect. Tackling the first impression and second impression using my method will hopefully make it easier for you to meet some amazing singles in your area!

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