How To Tell If Your Partner Is Cheating Online

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Where there’s a desire to cheat, a person will find a way to do it, even if it’s on the internet. Since everything we do now is online it’s only natural that men and women are turning to the cam sites and sex classifieds to sneak around with other people. Here’s how to tell if your if your partner is sneaking around and cheating online:

They use the computer in private.

If your partner used to surf the web while you were around and and suddenly starts only using the computer in private, there’s a good chance that something is up. If they’re on live cam sites they will need total privacy, starting to hide their screen time from you or only using their computer when you’re in the other room. If their devices all become hidden from your view it’s natural for you to suspect an online affair.

Their history is blank.

If they have nothing to hide then why is their browsing history cleared after every time they use the computer? When a person is chatting on x-rated sites in their area or surfing for sex online they will always clear their search history after using the computer so no one can see what they were up to. If you check their history and see that it’s blank then they probably have something to hide, otherwise they’d leave their online usage saved in their browser.

They act nervous or suspicious.

When you’re in a close relationship you get to know all of your partners mannerisms. If you’ve noticed that they’re acting nervous or weird when they’re finished using the computer you should be suspicious of what they’ve been doing online. They might not be able to make eye contact, may appear flustered, or be overly talkative about other things, trying to create a diversion from their increased time spent online. They might come up with excuses about how they have to work more, or might even claim they’re looking at a surprise for you while they’re really just trying to hide their internet affair on cam sites and local area sex sites.

They quickly shut things down.

If your partner drops their phone like a hot potato when you walk into the room, or quickly shuts their laptop, they likely have something to hide. Watch for signs that seem like they’ve been caught red-handed, like jumping up from the computer when you walk into the room or quickly closing their internet tabs when you’re near by. A laptop snapping shut every time you’re around is a surefire sign that they’re cheating online or having an affair on the web.

Everything is password protected.

This is a tell-tale sign, especially if your partner’s devices were unlocked before and you had free access. When you were once able to grab their tablet or phone and all of a sudden you find yourself locked out, there’s definitely a reason to wonder if they’re cheating. If everything from their phone to their laptop suddenly has a password on it then you’ve got a right to be suspicious of what they’re doing online. When a person doesn’t want their partner to know how they’ve been using live cam sites then they’re sure to put their phone and computer on lockdown. It’s the easiest way to keep their partner from seeing their history and finding out that they’ve looking for sex online.

They hide their credit card bills.

When someone starts hiding their credit card or bank statements from their partner then there’s a good chance they’re hiding their online activity. It’s hard work covering up how much a person has been using online cam sites, subscription porn sites, or online dating services and one of the ways they can hide it from their partner is to keep their statements a secret. Since online sex sites all require some kind of electronic payment there’s sure to be documentation of it, and a cheating partner will do anything to keep their transactions hidden from you.

They have a separate computer.

If your partner goes from sharing the family computer to suddenly bringing their work laptop home or using a separate device for everything then you might want to start investigating how they’re spending their time online. Using a separate computer for everything is a good indicator that they want privacy for something, which might mean they’re hiding secret online cheating.

Your instincts are telling you something’s up.

Sometimes you might not have any hard evidence but your gut tells you that something shady is going on with your partner. Maybe it’s the way they’re acting or the subtle things they’re doing, but if your intuition is telling you that they’re having an online affair then you might just be right. A little digging into their history and computer use patterns can give you all the info you need to find out if they’re searching for sex on cam sites or classifieds in your area. If they’ve got something to hide then chances are your instincts will pick up on it.

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