How To Keep Conversations Flowing: Tips For Talking To Women You Just Met Online

Hi this is Cami. I wanted to write a little piece about how to get more pleasure by keeping the conversations flowing with a women you have just met online. There’s a lot of nerves involved, that’s for sure, but you gotta be able to stay calm in order to succeed. Everyone’s version of success is different, but we can all agree that meeting a new person is exciting, and coming across as authentic personalities is always a challenge, especially if all you want is casual sex. We all want to get more pleasure, don’t we? Well, start paying more attention to girls online profiles and get used to more casual sex.

gotta say the right thingConversational tips for hookup sites

Before I get started, I want to stress how important it is to use the right language when trying to get something from someone else. Always remember that she would not be chatting with you in the first place if she was not interested. You can always ask more questions about her if you are stuck – I guarantee she will like that. That’s why there are so many women signed up for casual dating sites across America.

Girls Online Profiles

In her description, she will list activities and hobbies she likes to do. These are a goldmine for easy and rich conversational content – so ask away! It’s always best if you keep notes on what you discuss with each lady, because conversations can begin and then remain on hold for a couple days. Forgetting what you talked about last time is a real no-no in the online dating world. So keep notes on what she says, and always have a couple of her hobbies or interests on hand to spark a new conversational topic if necessary.

The risk here might be in having too many questions to ask, but don’t ask them all at once! Keep a long list, and just ask one or two of the questions each time you have a conversation.

Talk About Her

This is never a bad option, just as long as she is open to talk about it. Some people would rather keep their private life to themselves, and that’s fine. If you feel comfortable talking about your family, then go wild! She will love to hear about your childhood, your parents, your siblings, and all the crazy stuff that has happened to you over the years. Always remember to have an open mind and be accepting. Not everyone will say things you agree with, but that does not mean your uncompatible. Being honest over the internet is easier than in person, as you will find as you get into deeper conversations.

Family is always a go-to, but should not be over-emphasized. Do not make it seem like you’re a momma’s boy, even if you still live at home. Show your independence, that’s the most important thing – but also show that you care and are there for family members. It’s a point of pride.

Humour Is Sexy

If there is a lull point in the conversation, you can always make a joke about yourself. Think back on the past couple days, and crack a joke about something that happened to you. This will be the best ice-breaker move you’ll ever have – making her laugh brings her closer to you emotionally and psychologically. Especially if it is something kind of serious, showing her that nothing can faze you or hold you down is super important. That’s always been my secret anyway. On the flip side, really try and avoid coming across as mean spirited, or introverted.

Conversational Tips

Talking about family is nice and all, but it’s too serious to bring up on a regular basis. You want to get to a topic of a TV show or sports team or political election that you are both following with much interest. Even better than that, however, is taking note of what she says she likes and then a couple days later getting back in touch with her and offer to take her to do that exact thing! Say for example she mentioned how she likes to make apple pie. Well why not take her apple picking?

The Bottom Line with all this stuff is this: You gotta think creatively, or else things will get stale. So if you want to know how to get more pleasure, follow these tips. That means asking her questions you might find boring, but will help push the conversation along. Most cases you are not going to sleep with her in the first week anyways. But the better you get at holding a conversation online, the more intrigued she will be to meet you in person.

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