Want To Get Laid? Classified Personals Tips For Online Dating

Using online dating should be a breeze. The whole point of it is to do away with all the BS surrounding normal dating and allow you to zero in on exactly the right person for you. However it seems most people do not see it this way and are forever asking for my classified personals tips to allow them to succeed in the online dating world. To help them, and you, out, I have boiled down all of the advice you are likely to hear from dating gurus and their ilk to four manageable, easy to understand pieces of advice. If you follow these classified personals tips, then you are bound to start get the dates you want.

Do Your Research

Whenever you are starting out a fresh on anything, the first thing you need to do is to do your research. Find out about which dating sites are the best for you, or whether you would succeed better just advertising locally, in a newspaper, local website, or on sites such as craigslist. There are literally thousands of dating websites, and the one you chose will ultimately decide which kind of girls you end up dating. Therefore you have to think whether you are going to go for a mainstream site, that has lots and lots of members, which means lots of opportunities, but also lots of competition, or are you going to go for a more niche or local site that means you won’t have many girls to choose form, but might find exactly the right one for you. Whichever you decide, think carefully before hand and make sure you have looked through a lot of sites before making your decision.

online dating

Online dating is rapidly growing

You should also look up what you competition is up to. Look at the profiles and ads of guys on these sites and see what you think. I think you will be disappointed in the creative abilities of mankind. The one thing you will see one these profiles and ads is that they are not well written and do not ‘sell’ the guy well. This is an important fact to remember, you are selling yourself to these girls, so you need to make sure you have written your very best copy.

Don’t Be A Dick

In that vein, the first thing you have ask yourself when you have finished your first draft is, do I sound like a dick? This can be a brutal question is ask oneself, but it is better to find out now, rather than when you get no replies to your ad. If you are constantly talking about your money, car, house, any of that bullshit, then you are being a dick. Some girls might like that, but you can as easily pick those girls up at a bar than going through all of this rigmarole online.

online dating for everyone

Online dating can work for everyone

Online dating allows you to show your decent side. Think carefully about what you want to write and make it fun. Talk about your passions, both positive and negative, and what you do with your spare time. Concentrate on the pluses in your life and make sure that your profile is memorable. Of course, you have to include some basic information, but apart from that, go crazy! Write something that is a little bit off-kilter and your profile will stand out from all the rest that are dull and formulaic.

Don’t Overshare

Having said that, don’t start telling the girl your life story. One, no one likes people who feel they have to tell total strangers everything about their lives. You will just come across as a whiner if you tell women straight away in your profile or ads about your recent break up or how your parents didn’t really love you. Keep it bright and breezy initially. Secondly, if you tell people everything immediately, then you lose the allure and mystery that comes with the unknown of dating someone new. You want to find out things about them organically as the relationship progresses. One of the main complaints about online dating is that it loses that allure of just meeting someone in the street. It doesn’t have to be like that – you can have your cake and eat it.

love online dating

You can find love online

Stay The Course

Lastly, even with the awesome profile that you will get from these classified personals tips, you will not hit pay dirt straight away. It may be that you will get interest from people you do not find interesting, or that the cute blonde that lives in your city doesn’t respond to your message, but do not give up. The great thing about online dating is that you never know who will turn up in your inbox and who you might hit it off with. Always remain civil, even when blowing people off, and always remain courteous when someone turns you down. If you follow these classified personals tips, you will be guaranteed a date through online dating soon.

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