The issues of online dating scams are increasingly becoming common in daily news and social media. Sometimes, one may hear such a case and say ‘it can’t happen to me’, but you will believe after it has happened to you. Nowadays, online dating scams have become more complex than in the past, and anyone can be easily conned. However, you can avoid scams by reading online dating guide, as well as avoiding ignorance.After meeting with someone online, you need to be careful when communicating with each other. It is difficult to identify a scam by checking his or her profile photo – anyone can be a scammer. If you are chatting with a guy or woman and starts asking for money, that person is probably a scam artist. Such people start by showing they are looking for someone to love, and make a long term relationship. They will continue initiating chats on daily basis, with aim of gaining trust and interest as quickly as they can. It will reach a point when they start asking for personal accounts details such as emails for communication purposes, instead of just communicating through the dating site. Such people are scammers targeting to access your personal computer and steal details.Sometimes, scammers say they are from top countries, like England, and they are travelling for business purposes abroad. Within a couple of days, they will communicate saying they are in a big problem, and they need quick cash to sort the issues out. They may also say something terrible has happened to them, and they need money to go back home. Such people should be avoided; otherwise, you will be conned your money. However, people in the online dating community need to use common sense when handling such instances. It is pointless to send money to someone you have never met physically – just virtual meeting through dating site. Although we are saying anybody can be scammed, the issue of sending money to a stranger shows a high level of ignorance.There are over 1,500 online dating sites, but some of them are scams. If you read many online reviews about scam sites, you will be surprised. Some of the sites you think can be reliable are all filled with scammers and conmen. However, during our research, we came across a well known dating site – it is a scam site. If you are in Coventry, find another dating site apart from

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Let us look at a review summary of;

Why is a scam site

This site is filled with liars, and the owners being the leading liars. The ratio of men to women in this site is not true. Apart from this, there are more problems we noticed in this site. It is a classic scam site, which needs your money without getting any benefit from its services. After signing up for a five day free trial, we were surprised to realize that our subscriptions kept on auto-renewing for a period of six months without our consent. In addition to renewing subscriptions without your permission, they charge exorbitant fees for the membership that you did not sign up for. Once you receive your bank statement, it is when you will be shocked to find the bank account is almost drying up. Alongside stealing your hard earned money, getting out of the site is a nightmare, since they claim you must give them a two week notice before trying to de-activate the account – remember you signed up for a five day free trial! In addition to that, you will be required to print the cancelation notice form, fill out, and then fax it. Even after faxing the form to them, they will still continue charging you. If you ask them, they will tell you that they did not receive your cancellation notice form. You will be required to start printing, filling out, and fax it again. Do not forget that they will take up to two weeks before deactivating your account. I strongly advise people from the dating community to stay away from this site, because you might lose a lot of money before cancelling your subscriptions.

More about

This site has a tendency of threatening users quoting their terms and conditions whenever you refuse to pay them. If you never agreed to their subscriptions, they cannot charge through your credit card. For that reason, they will start threatening you so that you can accept the subscriptions – something you do not want. This site is just a scam, with nothing to do with meeting women. I doubt if there is someone who has ever met a woman through this site. If there are positive reviews about this site, I would only comment that they are just hired people to testify positively about the site. The few real women in the site are not even concerned about dating, since they do not answer emails and messages. Just get off the site, and find another one.


If you need to meet women online, try or These are genuine sites, which are dedicated to connecting people from different regions. If you are in Coventry city, just forget about, and start looking for other reliable sites. If you continue finding women in, you will never meet any woman, and you will continue losing money.

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Cars have always been considered as toys for the big boys. However, gadgets too are becoming a favorite, and it’s also consuming the minds of the middle-class. It’s no wonder why gadgets and cars have always gone hand in hand in today’s market. And with the growing popularity and increasing use of smartphones and gadgets, apps can now answer the cravings of car aficionados. There are now dedicated apps for car lovers that can help them with their car cravings, as well as help them with car problems and car care. Here are the 3 best apps for car aficionados.

The Ultimate Car Social-Networking App

Considered as the ultimate app for car aficionados, Car Fiend brings out the car-geek in you. A free app available on Apple’s most recent App Store, Car Fiend lets you post and browse photos, as well as creating a virtual garage for your ultimate car collection. Make no mistake as this app can help you create detailed car profiles to your liking. It’s like the ultimate Facebook for car enthusiasts, as it also includes a ‘Home’ section to check on your friends’ profiles and network.

A New App To Help You Fight Parking Tickets

A New App To Help You Fight Parking Tickets

Bring Your Repair Expert Wherever You Go

There comes a point in a car-owner’s life where they get stuck on the road, experiencing problems that are too much too handle. Luckily, there’s an app that helps you find the nearest repair shop, relieving you from the pains of finding them on your own. RepairPal is available through the iPhone and Android, making sure it can cater across both platforms. What this app does is to provide you with handy tune-up tips and helps you find the nearest repair shop in your immediate vicinity. It also helps you get the best repair deal by comparing and evaluating estimates.

Automotive Aficionados, Assemble! New Car Fiend App Caters To Car Enthusiasts

Automotive Aficionados, Assemble! New Car Fiend App Caters To Car Enthusiasts

Everything about Cars on the Palm of Your Hands

The app is by far, the most useful app for car geeks and aficionados. What this app does is help you find a new or used car to your liking. It also keeps record of the latest prices of the most recent cars. It also helps you find the nearest dealerships of cars and parts, and let you find comprehensive searches for models of cars. The need for searching cars is made simple, and saves you tons of time and money, you can eve create lists from your search queries, as this can help you compare prices to help you land the best deal.

Car aficionados should be proud of their hobby, and what better way to do that than to have handy apps available whenever you need them. With these apps, it will help car geeks with their craft, and helps even the most car-illiterate become an instant expert.